2-in-1 Dual Portable Pet Food & Water Bottle

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  • Your pet’s eating and drinking time outdoors has never been easier.
  • 2-in-1 water and grain container for feeding your pet outdoors or during travel.
  • Both water and grain are placed in one barrel.
  • Smart dividers and tight seal maintain separation of the dry and wet contents.
  • Feeder set comes with 2 collapsible bowls to fulfill not just your on-the-go storage needs but also provide the feeding essentials for your dogs and cats.
  • Silicone bowl has 3 volume levels and adjustable just by collapsing or extending the bowl.
  • Dispenser can carry 350 mL of food or liquid on each side.
  • Brilliant plastic separation net help grains stay in place.
  • Measurement lines are embossed on the cup for accuracy of volume.
  • Designed with 4 locks to secure lid to the bottle. Guaranteed leak-proof and tight seal.
  • Barrel is constructed with grooves for easy grip and prevention of it slipping through your hand.
  • Made with food-grade plastic, both storage and bowls are safe for your pets.
  • Portable, durable, reusable, and easy to clean.
  • 2 carabiner buckles included to easily attach bowls to the bottle.
  • Color: White/Black
  • Dimension of fully extended bowl - 5.1" x 2.1" x 3.54" (350 mL each)
  • Dimension of food and water bottle - 23" x 7.5" 4.3" (350 mL)
Package Includes:
1 x Bottle
2 x Collapsible Bowls