3-Pack Surprise Tamagotchi Connection Dinosaur Eggs

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Gender: Unisex
Battery: yes
Material: Plastic
Animals: chicken, duck, dog over 49 kinds of animals for choice.
Classification: Electronic
Age Range: 2-10 Years
Size: 6cm*5cm*1.5cm
Weight: 0.1kg/pcs
Outer package: Dinosaur egg

How to use:
1. Remove the insulation chip and the image of a small pet will display on the LCD;
2. Use "select" to choose one From the 49 kinds of pets to breed and press decide;
3. Then the time mode will appear and you can set the time, then press decide;
4. After time set, you will need to give a name to the pet;
5. Start to enjoy the pet breeding.

*Random egg will be sent.

Package includes: 3 x Surprise Tamagotchi Eggs