3pcs Stainless Steel Tongue Scrapers

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  1. High Quality Stainless Steel - The tongue scrapers are made of high quality Food Grade 304 stainless steel.They will not rust or collect mold, moreover they are much easier to clean.
  2. Eliminate Bad Breath - The Tongue Cleaner will help you get rid of bacteria and bad breath,bid farewell to oral problems,usher in a fresh breath.
  3. 3 Different Tongue Scrapers with Case  - The case includes 3 types of tongue scrapers,which will meet any demands for your oral hygiene and easy to operate.
  4. Portable  - Easy to carry, can better keep your tongue clean, you can use it in multi-functional places such as home, office and travel, which is convenient for your life
Package Included:

    3 x Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper