6/7/8FT Premium Pink PVC Artificial Christmas Tree w/ Stand

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Celebrate Christmas and enjoy the look of a traditional of Christmas tree with this festive artificial Christmas tree.
No more cleaning up pine needles off your floor!
Don't worry about it since this tree is flexible and you can form it to whatever shape you like since all the branches are made of twisted soft metal and easily bendable.
Durable tripod base makes it easy to assemble and disassemble.
After holidays store it back in its box and use for next year.
Designed to resemble the look of a tree. It can be used inside or outside of your house.

Easy to set up and storage - comes in parts, branches can be folded
Durable stand
Simple color design
Perfect for both indoor and outside decoration
Can be used throughout the year

Color: Pink
Branches and blade width: 2.4”
Leaf length: 4.3”
Leaf thickness: 0.07+0.07mm

6ft (180cm)
Base: Plastic
Diameter: 32in
Tips: 650

7ft (210cm)
Base: Metal
Diameter: 39in
Tips: 1000

8ft (240cm)
Base: Metal
Diameter: 47in
Tips: 1280

Package includes:
1 x Christmas tree
1 x Stand