Adjustable Bidet Non-Electric Fresh Water Sprayer W/ Self-Cleaning Nozzle

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This single nozzle, non electric bidet accessory reduces the use of toilet paper by applying fresh water, while greatly increasing personal hygiene. With a single water pressure control knob, you can adjust the water pressure at will to achieve the purpose of cleaning. 

The use mark identification of the bidet is very clear, and it is very convenient to use. 

Children and the elderly can easily operate and use the device.

This bidet features adjustable settings for maximum comfort and utility.


Functional and Stylish

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

Non-electric for Safety

Single Retractable Self Cleaning Nozzle

Adjustable Water Flow

Pressure control with variable stepping knob

Continuous natural water stream

Basic natural water model  

ABS unified valve system

Removable nozzle head for better hygiene

Perfect for households with multiple members since each of our sitting positions will differ.

Excellent Way to Help Relieve and Reduce any Hemorrhoid Issue


Color: White

Material: ABS Plastic

Overall Dimension: Approx. 18''x8"x3'' (L x W x H)

Whole Set Weight: 2.0LBS

Package includes:

1 x Bidet

1 x Copper T-Adapter (15/16" cold water inlet line)

1 x Pipe

1 x User’Manual