Power Scrubber Drill Brush Kit (3-Piece)

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Package Includes:

  • 1 x Small, flat brush head (1.75” diameter)
  • 1 x Medium, rounded brush head
  • 1 x Large, flat brush head (4” diameter)

All Purpose Power Scrubber Drill Cleaning Brush Kit (3-Piece)

  • Allows you to use your power drill as a cleaning tool
  • Cleans harder using the power of your drill
  • Uses;
    • Small: hard to get spots like stovetops, refrigerator corners, or sinks
    • Medium: specialty jobs like shower corners, toilets, large drains
    • Large: big jobs like cleaning car rims, tile walls, or floors
  • Brushes have 0.25” diameter shafts, compatible with most drills
  • Power drill not included

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