Artificial Synthetic Grass Turf Mat For Outdoor

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1. Made by polypropylene fiber, high intensity, wear-proof and very durable. While ensuring quality, you can install this product and maintain it more easily.

2. Well-designed structure makes it have very good water permeability. (Please make sure the ground beneath the artificial grass have drainage structure)

3. Our artificial grass is 3cm(1.18”) high, dense, textured.

4. Washable and easy to clean,Can be cut to fit different requirements
Material: Polypropylene Fiber
Color: Green
1m x 0.7m (3.3 x 2.3ft)
1m x 10m (3.3 x32.8ft)
2m x 3m (6.6x9.8ft)
1.2m x 2m (3.9 x6.6ft)
1m x 1.2m (3.3x3.9ft)

Package include:
1 x Artificial Grass