Baby Heart Rate Monitor Home Pregnancy Display Baby Fetal Sound Detector 3.0MHz

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Color: Green/Pink/Blue
Voltage: DC 3V
Working temperature: 5-40
Celsius / 41-104 degrees Fahrenheit Storage / Shipping Temperature: -20-55 degrees Celsius / 4-131 degrees Fahrenheit
Working humidity: 15-85%
Storage/Transport Humidity: 10-93%
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106kPa
Comprehensive sensitivity: not less than 90db
FHR measurement range: 50-210 BPM (BPM: beats per minute)
Accuracy: +/-2 BPM
Speaker power: 0.5W
Power supply: 2 AA batteries (not included)
Operating frequency: 2.125-2.875 MHZ
Space peak time peak intensity: less than 21.7kPa
Ultrasonic output intensity: less than 10mW
Waterproof grade: IPX4

Warm Prompt:
Please install 2 AA batteries before first use.
Press the button to turn it on, then adjust the volume.
Lie on a pillow cushion with your legs straight and relaxed
Attach the fetal probe to the abdomen and adjust the fetal position to find the best fetal heart direction
After hearing the normal fetal heart sound, the FHR value will be displayed on the screen in real time

Package list:
1 x Detector
1 x Instructions