Baby Side Sleep Pillow Support Wedge For Newborns to 6 Months

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Safe, Supportive and Incredibly Comfortable Pillows For Baby!

New parents are always eager to provide their children with sleep support, comfort and security. But while babies are sleeping, they tend to roll on their back or front making it difficult to breathe and waking them up in the middle of the night. Our baby reflux pillow is designed to prevent painful and irritating acid reflux.

Help your little one sleep more soundly with the Baby Wedge Pillow! Offering both front and back support, our infant sleep pillow set allows your baby to sleep on their side and prevents them from rolling over. As a result, they’re able to breathe more easily.

Our baby sleeping wedges are linked with an adjustable strap, allowing you to find the best fit for your child! It won’t restrict arm or leg movement, and because our model is longer than most competing products, it’s perfect for taller babies. Lightweight and easy to use, expectant parents will love the versatility and convenience of our new baby pillow!

Made with supportive foam and super-soft velvet, our infant baby pillow is durable and safe on delicate skin! Be sure to remove the foam before washing and never use the pillow near heat sources.