Basketball Hoop For Kids with Clear Backboard - Portable / Height Adjustable (6.5ft - 8ft) Sports Backboard System Stand w/ Wheels Backyard Toy

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The height-adjustable basketball hoop system provides your little athletes with a professional way to practice basketball skills in the backyard. It has a big weighted base that can be filled with water or sand to keep the stand more stable and secure, and the two wheels ensure mobility and convenience. Featuring mulitple holes for height adjustments, the telescoping post can be easily adjusted from 159 cm / 5.2' to 214 cm / 7' in 11 cm / 4.3" increments. You can set it at 8' high for your backyard court or lower it to 6' for indoor basketball games.
  • This hoop's base can be easily filled with water or sand, ensuring it remains standing whether you're shooting or practicing new dunks
  • Height can be adjusted between approximately 6.5FT & 8FT
  • Crafted with durable material, heavy-duty steel, a Clear backboard, and an all-weather nylon net, this hoop is designed to last through many basketball seasons