Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

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This Full Spectrum LED Grow Light was designed for plant enthusiasts to grow and cultivate plants indoor; such as flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, and more. By using similar light spectrum as the sun, our grow light can help grow and flourish the plants at all season inside your home. With the integrated LED technology, the quality of this product will outlast traditional grow light bulbs or fluorescent tube lights.

HIGH PERFORMANCE - This full spectrum LED grow light is designed to provide the benefits of natural sunlight your plant needs at different stages of germination and growth. It is enhanced with 8 additional advanced red lamp beads (660 nm) which encourage stem growth, chlorophyll production, and flowering or fruit production. It is also cost-effective and generates low heat!

EASY INSTALLATION - Our grow light is plug-and-play and able to link up to 4 units together for additional boost. These grow lights are linkable by using the power cord provided. You can use these lights on shelves, kitchen cabinets, grow tent box, garages, basements, and most indoor areas!

DURABLE DESIGN -  It is damp rated for use indoors in humid conditions. The modern design is in a light-weight enclosed housing, which prevents build-up of insects and dust. Rated with a 30,000-hour lifespan.

HEALTHY LIVING – Building an indoor garden has never been easier! Grow your own organic lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, herbs, thyme, rosemary, basil, mint, sage, peppers, perennials, garlic, hemp, cannabis, and much more!


  • Energy efficient and generates low heat!
  • Full spectrum 5000K daylight + 660nm
  • Super bright 2885lm per grow light
  • Daisy chain up to 4 units
  • Damp rated for use indoors in humid conditions  
  • 30,000-hour lifespan

Package Contents: (per pack)

  • LED Grow Light x1
  • 5 FT Power Cord x1
  • 3 FT Adjustable Hanging Cable x2
  • Side-by-Side Connector x2
  • End-to-End Connector x1
  • Connection Cord x1