Hair Removal Roll on Waxing Kit Depilatory Wax Hot Wax Warmer Heater Cartridge

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1. The product includes a waxing machine, roller depilatory wax and wax paper to provide you with a complete hair removal tool.

2. 40 watts of high power, double-sided heating and fast melting wax.

3. Easy to operate, avoid scald, transparent wax therapy machine, without uncovering the top cover can clearly see the melting of wax beans.

4. Automatic heating, small and flexible, easy to carry.

5. Use to remove body hair in areas such as legs, chest, arms, underarm, armpit, fingers, toes, and face.


Type: Hair removal product

Skin Type: All skin types


Package Size: 19.5*9.5*6cm/

Plug Type: EU or US Plug

Heating Time: 20-30 minutes

Voltage: 110-240V 50-60Hz

Power: 40W

Package included:

1 x Wax Melting Machine

2 x Roller Depilatory Wax Honey + Rose )

100 x Waxing Removal Strip