Hand Held Toilet Bidet Sprayer Kit with T Adapter

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o   Universal and Standard

o   Adjustable water pressure makes your experience better

o   An extra-long hose, which is 1.5M (59”) in length.

o   High-quality PET inner material that is explosion-proof

o   Brass material, chrome-plated, and very durable.

o   It is easy to use. Just press the trigger to release the water and control the water amount with the pressure of your hand.

o   Designed with an ergonomic handle, it is comfortable to grip with little effort. – It’s not only suitable for washing the genitals but also used as a good helper for cleaning.

o   This economical and eco-friendly gadget sprayer will make your life easier by drastically cutting down your toilet paper usage. It can also be used as a cloth diaper sprayer, dog shower, cleaning the potty seat bowl, squatting pan, and so on – EASILY. It will make the “dirty work” with cloth diapers so much easier. Your family can use it as a bidet and will love how much cleaner they feel after using the toilet.

o   You can use it for refilling your fish tank, cleaning the toilet, and cleaning hard-to-reach areas in your shower. It is also great for rinsing out potty chairs and much more!


Package Includes: Bidet sprayer hand, hanger for the hand bidet sprayer, T-valve, 1.5 M hose (59 inches), 2 screws and Teflon, and 2 wrenches.