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The fetal detector is a hand-held obstetric device for routine self-examination of pregnant women in clinics and homes.

It includes ultrasonic signal transmitter and receiver, analog signal processing unit, fetal heart rate calculation unit and so on.

The DSP technology used in fetal heart monitor is used to calculate FHR to ensure the accuracy and reliability of FHR.

Support 3.0MHz probe, high sensitivity probe, low ultrasonic power, safer for the fetus.

Intelligent noise reduction technology and autocorrelation algorithm.

You can share happiness, health and a strong heartbeat with loved ones, family and friends. 

Color: Pink

Probe frequency: 3.0 MHz plusmn10%

Error range: plusmn 2bpm

Rate display range: 30-240bpm

Size: as the picture show

Battery: 2*AA (Battery is not included)

Package  Includes: 1 x Heart Rate Monitor