Home Robot Sweeping Vacuum

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- The sweeping robot has a vacuum cleaner, sweeping floor, mop and UV disinfection.
Strong vacuum suction will easily absorb the hair and the mop will automatically clean itself.
Our cleaners can do the work on the floor your home uses. Ideal for tiles, wood floors, and short rugs.
The vacuum cleaner can remove dust, dirt, debris and even dirty pet hair from home. It also comes with an easy to remove trash can, which avoids the use of plastic trash bags.


- A soft absorbent cotton cloth. The absorbent cloth can effectively block moisture and prevent the floor from sticking. Large capacity, 120 minutes long.
- Ultraviolet sterilization, while radical sterilization, fill your life with health. Extra long brush head, which extends the cleaning range and the cleaning angle is more powerful.
- Smart drop induction, can feel the height drop to the edge, knowing self-protection.
- One button start operation is convenient and fast. Press the sweeper to open the button cleaning task. After finished, press the button to clean the machine.
- The working voice of only 45 decibels silently completes the cleaning task, making life calmer and happier. Clean without disturbing.

- Power Mode: USB
- Nominal Voltage: 3.7V, Nominal Power, 5W
- Switch Type: Ordinary Button
- Sweeper Function: Sweeping Suction
- Sweeper Style: Smart Robot
- Usage Environment : household
- Capacity: 0.5L

Package Included:
 1x Sweeping Robot