Kitty Cat Litter Mat Trapping Honeycomb Double Layer Design Waterproof 24x15''

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Why you need this product?

If you are a cat lover, you must have live this moment, the cat litter scattered all over the floor by your dear partner. The cat litter might even get all over your furniture and shoes. Cat likes traveling all over your house, and they don’t want to do that either.
Want to save you time and energy cleaning your floor on a daily basis? Our product is a must for you. Just put it under your cat litter box, or the entrance area of your litter mat. It will automatically catch and trap all the cat litter your litter fellow brings. Then you will earn back a cleaner environment for you and cat.

Amazing Features
- BPA free material made, soft and perfect for cat’s sensitive paws.
- Easy to maintain, with the side handles design, just pick up then dump it back in the litter box. Super easy to recycle the cat litter.
- Washable, cleaning with vacuum or wash it under shower head is ok.
- Save you lots of time and energy by using it.

Warm Prompt
When receiving the product, and put some heavy stuff e.g litter box on the mat, it will reshape and become flat again within 24 hours.

Package included
1x Cat Litter Mat