Multi Pocket Felt Bag Organizer Insert Purse Organizer

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-Durable Material: Felt Purse Organizer with high quality Material, which is Sturdy, Soft and Lightweight.
-Metal Zipper Design
-Suitable to keep all Items such as Cosmetics, Keys, Phone, Wallet, Glasses, Notebook and suitable Ipad.
-Detachable inner partition design to meet your needs for different spaces, Detachable cover with zipper design to you’re your needs of keeping belongings safe.
-Large Capacity with multiple pockets:
13 Pockets Total Purse Organizer, 3 exterior pockets, 10 interior pockets with singly detachable pocket in the middle which can keep valuable articles or used as a separate wallet after detached.
Or: The big Purse Organizer with 9 Pockets, 3 exterior pockets, 5 interior pockets with the middle large pocket.
And the detachable wallet with 5 Pockets, 4 exterior pockets, 1 interior large pocket.


Small Organizer
Approx.21(L)*11(W)*14(H) CM--Fits LV Graceful MM, LV Delightful PM and Other Similar Tote Bags and Handbags.
Medium Organizer
Approx.23(L)*13(W)*15(H) CM--Fits LV Speedy 30 perfectly and Other Similar Tote Bags and Handbags.
Large Organizer
Approx. 29(L)*15(W) *18(H) CM--Fits LV Speedy 35 perfectly, LV Neverfull MM and Other Similar Tote Bags and Handbags.

Do not bleach.
Dry clean. Reduced moisture.
Do not scrub or clean with brush.
Shade dry.

Materials: Felt Fabric

1 x Purse Organizer(Zipper detachable wallet included)