Outdoor 32" Metal Firepit Backyard Patio Garden Square Stove Fire Pit With Cover

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- This outdoor fire pit is made of solid and long-lasting black coated metal, it is not only provides warmth, but addes elegant decoration as a beautiful artwork.
- Comes with charcoal rack, Poker, this is a practical and convenient fire pit, heat proof frame;
- It can work longtime outside and keep rust resistant.
- Mesh lid is responsible for stoppingashes and sparks from flying out and burning you.
- Both of them ensure its safety use and gives youdual protection.
- Ideal for any outdoor gathering, lovers’ bill and coo, parent-child communication or simply sit down alone.
- Beautiful patterns and square clean line make it a perfectornament in your garden, patio or backyard. It will be worthy of your choice!
- A BBQ grill that has a surface that is safe for cooking and grilling food. The grill surface Included safety mesh cover encloses the fire for safety as well as preventing sparks or flying debris.
- Easy to assemble.

Material: Steel;
Overall dimensions: 32” (W) × 13” (H) × 32”(L)
Color: Black
Package Included:
1 x square fire pit
1 x Safety mesh cover
1 x Poker
1 x Grill
1 x Cloth cover
1 x Instruction