Pet Sling Carrier Bag Dog Lift Harness Whole Body Support Rehabilitation Vest

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Dog Lift Harness is designed to assist aged and disabled dogs to walk. We use heavy-duty material and reflective straps to ensure full body support and great visibility to your dog, so your dog can walk freely and safely even at night. Lightweight and breathable material is used to ensure complete protection and ultra-comfort to your dog while it’s wearing the lift harness. You can attach a dog leash to the D ring to better control your dog in outdoor activities. You can also use straps or handle to help your dog to walk and go up and down stairs and car easily. It provides a practical rehabilitation solution for old, disabled dogs and dogs suffering joint injuries, arthritis and paralysis. 
Service Target:
  • Aged dogs
  • Disabled, injured dogs
  • Dogs suffering joint injuries, arthritis & paralysis
  • Assisting dogs up and downstairs, go in or off vehicles

4 Practical Ways to Use
Wear only the vest to reduce its anxiety.
Attach one side or both sides of the leash to the vest and lead your dog to walk.
When your dog feels unable to walk, you can carry it on your shoulders

The inner is made of breathable thickened air mesh
Its durable windproof surface is suitable for all weathers.
Heavy-duty polyester webbing provides reliable support

Anti-Vibration Protection
An anti-vibration sponge can effectively protect your dog’s chest from being squeezed.
Thickened sponges are also added to the hind legs, so dog’s legs will be well protected and won’t easily get injured when it's lifted

Comes with Storage Pouch
You can enjoy a hand-free walk with your dog!

Neck circumference: 15"-17.5" (39cm-45cm), 
Chest: 14.5"(37cm), 
Back length: 10"(25cm), between feet: 5" (13cm)
Weight S: 4.5-7LB

Neck circumference: 16.5"-19" (42cm-48cm), 
Chest: 16"(41cm), 
Back length: 10.5"(27cm), between feet: 7" (18cm)
Weight M: 10-12LB


Color: Grey
Package includes : 1 piece