Single-Spray Filtered Showerhead

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Inside the housing is a replaceable 6 month filter cartridge (model SLC) which contains a blend of filtration media to remove free chlorine, for softer hair and skin. All-in-One shower heads disguise their utility to create an aesthetically pleasing, more natural shower environment. "All-In-One" filters combine a filter and shower head into one unit! They can be attached to any standard 1/2-inch NPT shower arm with no extra equipment. This system is specifically designed and tested for the unique demands of shower filtration (such as flow rate and temperature) and is not intended to be used as a drinking water treatment unit.
  • Chlorgon filtration system helps to remove free chlorine, dirt, and odors from water
  • Massage Pure-Spray Setting with Anti-Scaling Spray Tips
  • Includes replaceable SLC filter cartridge (rated for 6 months or 10,000 gallons - whichever comes first)