TechFaith Universal Easy Carry & Flexible Expanding Hose

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TechFaith Flexible Expanding Hose is a revolutionary hose that automatically expands up to 3 times its original length when the water is turned on and automatically contracts back when water is turned off. The hose is extremely lightweight and will eliminate the drudgery of using heavy, bulky, conventional hoses.

Pressure: 0.2Pma-0.45Pma water pressure for normal use.
Type: 100FT 75FT 50FT 25FT
Color: Green/Blue

Package Includes:
1 x Garden Hose
1 x Us Standard Connector With Spray Gun

These hoses by default will look smaller than their appropriate lengths: 25ft, 50ft, 75ft and 100ft. For example a 25 ft hose will probably look like a 10-11 ft when you receive it. This is hose's default size. However when you stretch the hose and fill it up with water, hose will expand up to 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, or 100ft. Thus, the unit measurement listed is of the hoses maximum size, not its default size. If hose does not stretch to maximum size, please make sure to use a few times until water expands throughout the hose.

BLU - 25 - 696502317649
BLU - 50 - 696502317656
BLU - 75 - 696502317663
BLU - 100 - 696502317670
BLU - 150 -709182541317

GRN - 25 - 696502317687
GRN - 50 - 696502317694
GRN - 75 - 696502317700
GRN - 100 - 696502317717