Travel Carry Bag For Pets

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Help your pet travel in style with a soft-sided pet carrier. Designed to keep small dogs and cats safe during long plane flights, this airline-approved carrier is lightweight and easy to carry. It has meshed sides to keep your furry friend cool during the flight. A fleece-lined bottom makes for a comfortable bed during the flight.

1. COMFORT FOR YOUR PET: Made from durable and comfortable breathable materials for maximum airflow. Your pet will stay comfortable while you travel. Ventilated security screens are easy to clean and 100 percent washable

2. READY TO FLY: Compliant with most airlines (please check with your airline before flying). The unwind and bind feature allows owners access to their pets without the risk of escape.

3. SLEEP WELL: With the fleece bed, your pet will enjoy a nice slumber regardless of the locale. It's comfortable and supportive, making it a terrific bed to ease joint pain and relieve pressure points. It's perfect for flying, road trips, or even just walking around town.

INCLUDES: Removable fleece travel bed, padded shoulder strap, lost and found tag, and storage compartments for medicine, toys and treats.
DIMENSIONS: Small- 17x8x11.5 inches. Can hold up to 7 pounds
DIMENSIONS: Large- 19x10x13 inches. Can hold up to 15 pounds

Package Included: 
1 x Pet Carrier