UV400 Adults Snow Sports Ski Goggles Snowmobile Snowboard Glasses

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Main Features:
- Ventilate
- Anti-Glare
- light Weight
- Non-Slip Design
- Wind Resistance
- Six Color Choices
- UV ion
- Dust-Proof Insulation
- Wide Screen Coverage
- Elastic Strap that Fits over Helmet

* Lens Material: UV400 Protection CE
* Frame Material: ABS
* Length of Strap: Max. 30cm (Stretched)
* Frame Height: 8cm
* Overall width of frame: 18cm
* Weight: 50g

Package Includes: 1 x Ski Mask

 Anti-Fog Tips:
1. Use Anti-fog agents: Spray the anti-fog agents on both sides of the lenses. The anti-fog effect can last about 1 to 3 days.
2. DIY Anti-Fog Water: Mix 30ml glycerin and 10ml soap solution, and add several drops of turpentine, then stir them. Smear the solution on the lenses, then carefully wipe them with clean soft cloth. The anti-fog effect can last about 3 to 4 hours.
3. Use Toothpaste: Smear some toothpaste on both sides of the lenses, then gently clean the lenses. However, it may cost more time because toothpaste is thick. The anti-fog effect can last about 4 hours.

How to clean the goggles?
1. Use soft clean cloth to gently wipe away dust and finger prints on the lens;
2. Let the goggles air dry before cleaning it or use a hairdryer for perspiring after skiing;
3. Do not use your fingers or rough cloth to clean the lens of your goggles, otherwise the lens may get stained.