Weed Puller Weeder Twister Stand Up Garden Lawn Grass Root Killer Remover Tool

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  • Stand up Weeding Tool For Labor-Saving Gardening Experience: Get rid of weeds without bending your back with this long handled weeding tool. The 38.98in tall handle lets you remove the weeds without having to bend over or go down to your knees. The foot pedal lets you put enough force on the weed remover to penetrate the ground and grab the whole weed,including the roots,so it lessen the possibility of grass’s growing back.
  • 3 Pronged Claw: Three 2.6in carbon steel teeth are long enough to efficiently remove grass roots. Please keep stand-up,simply push the tines into the roots of the weeds/flower/grass,let the tine grasps grass roots,tilt to one side and pull out the weed and release the grass.
  • Easy To Use: Use the spring-operated ejection mechanism on the handle to remove the plant from the grapple. For the sake of your crops,weeds are eliminated without poison. As soon as one presses the spring-operated ejection mechanism,the unpleasant herb is released from the gripper. So weeding is done in no time.
  • Wide Applications: Perfect for prying and removing thistles,dandelions,crabgrass,chickweed and other common garden weeds for more precise work without straining your back and hurting your hands.
  • Perfect Gift & Quick Assembly: Made of premium aluminum,carbon steel and ABS materials,heavy duty and long lasting use,designed for a more comfortable start,great gift for those garden lovers. Assemble the weed puller twister according to our step pictures and user manual.

STEP 1: Place pointed claw over the weed to be removed and push weed puller into the ground firmly using the force of your foot.
STEP 2: Twist the handle to one side and uprooted weed.
STEP 3: Press the button to remove the weed.


  • Product Type: Weed Puller Twister
  • Materials: Aluminum, ABS, Carbon Steel
  • Pedal Size: 1.19x2.87in
  • Assembled Item Size: 7.99x38.98x1.57in
  • Item Weight: 0.94lbs
  • Package Size: 20.47x5.52x1.97in
  • Package Weight: 1.21lbs

Package Contents:

  • 1x T-shaped Handle
  • 1x 3-Pronged Tube
  • 1x Slotted Ejector
  • 2x Ejector Tubes
  • 1x Spring
  • 1x Rounded Cap
  • 1x Ejector Cap
  • 1x Plastic Sleeve
  • 1x 1in (Length) Screw
  • 1x Hex Nut
  • 2x 3/4in (Length) Screws
  • 1x User Manual