Wet or Dry Hair Removal Back Shaver For Men

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Wet & Dry Back Hair Shaver - The manual back shaver designed to work in both wet and dry situations. It is made of stainless steel standard blades and PVC, covered with waterproof coating.

Lengthen Back Shaver - 3 standard blades wide, the three razors form one continuous edge that clears body hair at an amazing rate. The razor covered by skin-friendly safety plastic teeth; protect your skin from scratching or pain.

Extra-Long Curved Anti-skid Handle - The 17.9" length ergonomic handle can be reaching hard-to-get areas of your back and will easily press the blades against your back without too much effort.

Extra 10pcs Standard Blades - Monitor the blade’s sharpness and replace a new one when needed. Just 4 stainless steel thumbscrews. Takes less than 5 minutes. It is easy to purchase standard blades for replacement too.

Low-Cost Long-Term Investment - A manual back shaver is just like a manual cartridge or safety razor in that you provide the power. It means less moving parts or breakdowns. Easy cleaning and maintenance. The cost of replacement blades is low and convenient.

Blade: Stainless steel
Handle: Aluminum zinc alloy
Total Length: 45.5cm / 17.9in
Back Shaver Length: 25.5cm / 10in
Blade Dimension: 13.5cm / 5.3in
Handle Length: 23cm / 9in
Package List:
1 x Back Shaver
1 x User Manual
8 x Standard Blades