Wrapping Paper Cutter Xmas Gift Roll Wrap Paper Trimmer Cutter Cutting Tools

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Made of sturdy plastic, lightweight and convenienc, ergonomic tube handle, easy to operate for kids or has difficulty with fine motor skills
Convenient and swift:Quick and Easy Wrapping Paper Cutter Christmas Wrapping Paper Cutting Tools, Save Your Time with Effective Craft Cutting Tools for Cutting Wrapping Paper Christmas Gift
The outdated way of cutting wrapping paper has never worked, because the slice is either jagged, ripped, or crooked. This is frustrating. Now use our Wrapping Paper Cutter, to open a safe and easy way for cutting wrapping paper
The embedded blade ensures you never cut yourself. Simply slide it over your wrapping paper

Type: Paper cutter
Color: Random
Material: Plastic
Size: 10*5*5cm
Package include : 1pcs paper cutter